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The BRAIN Family

Our mission is to enlighten the world of how essential it is for nature to play a role in our daily lives. We strive not to lose our connection by keeping in mind the things we consume, skincare products we use, and the amount of time in nature to remain balanced.

 Be Resilient Anytime In Nature focuses on providing you with natural skincare products, outdoor personal training, and further information on the consumption of herbs. 

Our Vision is to see BRAIN as a leader in the South Bay community as it pertains to educating and providing individuals and families holistic health options, outdoor personal training, and skincare.



Wellness Coach & Chief Executive Officer

Excited to start a journey on your fitness journey in a way that's best-suited for your lifestyle? 

Brittnei has been a personal trainer for over 10 years. She graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills with my Bachelor's in Physical Education.

"Since I was a child, I've always enjoyed helping others whether it is sharing my food, making someone laugh, or passing someone tissue underneath the stall. I love catering to others as well as my community. Becoming a personal trainer was important to me because I understood being in a place of wanting to grow and also having a love for working out and having fun playing sports. I thought it would be great to combine my love for helping others and my passion for working out to become a personal trainer."

So why Be Resilient Anytime In Nature?

"I’m a person who has a love for being in the great outdoors, connecting with nature, focusing on self-reliance, and meditation. I love connecting people through nature with all that is happening in the world. People are just consumed with distraction and the media. Through nature, they can reconnect with their psychological well-being, generate positive moods along with promoting health benefits. Human connection with each other is needed but having a connection with nature boosts your self-esteem and gives you the capability to become the best version of themselves."


Chief Operations Officer

Gee is our person behind it all and the one who connects our vision to the processes that help them come to life. Much like our CEO, Gee's passion comes from helping others.

"It brings me great delight to be able to work side by side with friends. This unique opportunity to see them shine through following a mission to help others to reach their goals is the most rewarding because I can see where we started and how many people we have been able to reach. I enjoy creating content for our social media pages, creating labels for all of our products, connecting our organization to the community, and organizing all the things we have going on, on the back end."


Chief Manufacturer of Holistic Products

Billy is brother to our CEO and a Co-founder of BRAIN44 LLC.

Offering 100% plant-based products is important to Billy because of all that he learned from Dr. Sebi and realizing that many products on the market aren't as "natural" or "healthy for you" as they say they are. Billy is the head of our skincare production department and makes sure everything is true to our mission, label, and his education of the power of plants and herbs.